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Get a Bloomwall and receive 85% of the value back!

Get a Bloomwall vertical garden and receive 85% of the value back through the Support for More Sustainable Buildings program.


The Environmental Fund's 2021 Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings aims to finance measures that promote rehabilitation, decarbonisation, energy efficiency, water efficiency and the circular economy, contributing to the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of buildings .

You can submit applications from December 10, 2021 until March 31, 2022.


Bloomwall fits into Typology 6 - Green facades and roofs and bioclimatic architecture solutions, namely in the topic “Green Facades”.

Green facades are basically vertical gardens and can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • Capture and reuse of rainwater, allowing for better water efficiency;

  • Improved energy efficiency;

  • Carbon sinks in order to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

For Typology 6, 85% of the total value of the work is paid per candidate, up to a limit of 3000€.


  • Existing single-family housing buildings, as well as multi-family buildings or their autonomous fractions, built and licensed by July 1, 2021.

  • Real estate owned by legal persons are also excluded from the provisions of the previous number.


  • Thermal insulation – protects against high temperatures in summer and helps maintain the internal temperature in winter (decreases the temperature range).

  • Helps to combat the effect of Heat Islands on big cities.

  • Reduction of energy costs – improves the energy efficiency of the building, due to the reduction of the temperature in the internal environment, reducing the need for cooling.

  • External noise reduction – vegetation, as well as the Bloomwall expanded clay model blocks, absorb and isolate noise coming from outside.

  • Decreases pollution and improves air quality and humidity – Vegetation absorbs toxic substances and CO2 and releases oxygen into the atmosphere (ideal for big cities, where there is a lot of pollution and few green spaces).

  • Protects the facade – covering an exterior surface with vegetation forms a shield against rain, wind and damage from UV radiation, thus extending its service life.

  • Low maintenance – irrigation can be automated.

  • Greater retention of rainwater – Vegetation helps in the drainage of rainwater, thus reducing the need for water runoff and sewage systems and also filtering the pollution of these waters.

  • It beautifies and enhances urban centers and buildings.

  • They contribute to the increase in biodiversity, attracting birds, butterflies and others.

  • Feeling of well-being, increasing the opportunity to interact with nature.

  • It helps in scoring certifications such as LiderA – Leading for the Environment for sustainable construction.

  • Cultivation of vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs that can be used, for example, to replace salt and sugar, contributing to a significant improvement in health.

  • It reduces solar radiation, thanks to the shading of branches and leaves.

  • Use of space – Walls.

  • They minimize the impacts that human constructions cause on the environment.

  • They bring nature to homes that do not have any green space, introducing into people's lives the link that was broken between man and the natural environment.

As a result of these advantages, a reduction in primary energy consumption is achieved, the main objective of the Support for More Sustainable Buildings program.

We also have qualified advisors for the LiderA - Leading for the Environment system for sustainable construction, a Portuguese voluntary system that aims to carry out an efficient and integrated support, assessment and certification of the built environment that seeks sustainability.

We are also part of centroHabitat - Cluster Habitat Sustentável, and we are specialized in Sustainable Construction.

For more information on how to get support to build your Bloomwall, contact us.

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