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Taberna Minhota

Due to the consequences that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had in the world, a lot of businesses were really affected and had to redefine strategies and bring changes to readapt to the new reality. Restaurants and bars had to rearrange their space in order to incorporate social distancing and also to expand their outdoor seating area, since there's better air circulation and the virus spreads less between people when we're outside.

One solution some of these places opted for was to create or expand their terraces into the parking space.

"Taberna Minhota" in Felgueiras, Portugal, used the Bloomwall vertical garden solution to do that in a more comfortable, cosy and pleasant way, as the wall creates a separation between the street and restaurant.

The garden also contains vegetables and fruits to be used at the restaurant and brings people closer to nature.

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